Welcome to Pocket VZ!

VZ200 emulator for the pocket pc


Author Guy Thomason
Z80 library Marat Fayzullin
MESS code Juergen Buchmueller
WinCE sound
(Pocket Coleco)
Stuart Russell
Menubar graphics
(Pocket Caprice)
Manuel Castrillo Martínez

Installation Instructions:

I haven't as yet created an installer, so follow the manual instructions below.

1. download and extract PocketVZ.zip

2. copy the "PocketVZ" folder to "\Program Files" on your device using ActiveSync. Do not rename or move the PocketVZ folder.

3. copy any .vz snapshot files you use (eg games) to the PocketVZ folder, or a storage card

4. Start PocketVZ.exe via file explorer or create a shortcut.

PocketVZ.zip (exe)
Email: intertek00@netspace.net.au

For all things VZ, including games, documentation and discussion forum go to http://vzalive.bangrocks.com


29th September 2008

PocketVZ now supports

- Disk drive
- Cassette interface. VZ programs can be loaded or saved by mapping to wav files.  Wav files created by PocketVZ can be loaded directly into a real VZ200 from the device, by plugging the red "ear" jack into the pocket pc headphone jack, and playing the wav file from Windows Media Player
- Printer output redirects to a user defined TXT file
- Extended graphics hardware mods, both the Australian and German version
- User preferences can be set from a dialog
- Cycle accurate screen rendering, "split screen"  programs can be run


24th July 2006

Initial version
- Emulates a VZ200 with 34k Ram, sound and graphics
- Allows loading of .vz snapshot files
- Control pad is mapped to Q, A, M, comma and space bar (most common keys used in games)

This is the "bare bones" version of the emulator. Still have lots to do (see below)

To Do:

- Add configuration menu (screwdriver icon)
- Allow configuration of control pad to be switchable between joystick, cursor keys and common game keys
- Add disk and tape support
- Add debugger
- Add memory options & bank switching
- Add virtual printer support